Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Akin Oladele, I am an ICT Expert also an anchor of ICTonRADIOTV on both Radio&TV in the State of Osun.
I have some FREE, CHEAP and IMPORTANT ICT services for you and for your establishment/ministry.
It doesn’t matter whether you are small, growing or developed business/ministry. One thing you shouldn’t do without is the presence of a website. No matter how small your business/ministry might be, you should get a website you can afford. That is why we are giving you a free website/blog. It gives your business/ministry Free Online Branding world wide, website/blog is available 24/7, it saves time and money, it gives you and your business/ministry free marketing, it gives you an edge more than your competitor, it increases your revenue/sales and awareness, it allows you to reach more people, you become a globally recognized ministry, company or organization etcI shall create and design a website/blog for you FREE OF CHARGE
Android smartphone app has become an important tool, the needs and request of larger number of people especially smartphone users. It gives quick access to any desired information especially about establishment, organizations, institutions, bodies, government, ministry etc. In addition to the above, I shall design and develop a smartphone app with your website/blog contents for download by all mobile gadget users FREE OF CHARGE.
Live chat feature has become an important, quick and effective way of communication with website/blog and app visitors. In addition to the two listed offers above, I shall design and develop a live chat feature for your website/blog which will allow you or any of your staff to communicate live with all visitors to your website/blog FREE OF CHARGE.
In addition to the above, I shall develop an Online Permanent Storage where you can keep all your files and documents including Audio and Video files. It is 100% secured and cannot be damaged. Its Free forever.
In addition to the above, I shall teach you HOW TO TURN YOUR SMARTPHONE TO A COMPUTER & how to apply it to your Job/Profession. Please note that the above offers are available for you only if you can grab it now, its an opportunity you will hardly find around here and with a one time setup fee of N19,500 only (Negotiable). This amount is to be paid once and to be used for setting up those offers listed above. All the above offers will be free forever. So grab this opportunity now. Pay a setup fee and you enjoy the above offers free. No monthly or yearly subscription.
Examples are: etc

In line with one of the visions of businesses/establishments/ministries and for a great development of your business/establishment/ministry through the use of various aspects of the Internet, a new unit, the ICT/Internet Unit needs to be created with an officer that will anchor its activities. This is the heart of information of the business/establishment/ministry; this unit make things happen as far as Information and Communication Technology is concerned.
Sequel to the above, I will be happy if you can engage me as an officer to handle the unit operations as written below.

The unit will amongst other things perform the following operations:
*Develop and maintain a functional and relevant website / blog for your business/establishment/ministry.
* Posting of relevant information and managing other features of the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp groups and the likes.
* Use an instant messaging platform (Live Chat) to answer questions, enquiry and to help with solution to online problems including registration.
* Live broadcast of your events and programmes to the world via the internet* Help to send a customized SMS to members, customers, staff etc as announcement, greetings etc
* Help to send birthday greetings to members, customers, on Facebook and via Customized Bulk SMS
* Carry out any web based services within the unit capabilities needed for the growth and development of business/establishment/ministry
* Carry out Search engine Optimization services and functions for business/establishment/ministry websites on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc
* Manage and co-ordinate timely feedbacks from survey and feedback content from form on the business/establishment/ministry websites/blogs
* Build clients social media fan base
* Get clients, members and prospects to visit the business/establishment/ministry Home page, facebook page, blog, youtube page, etc more often
* Engage visitors, members, clients, prospects on the business/establishment/ministry social media pages
* Build strong online and engaging presence on facebook, twitter etc
* Post daily picture banners appropriate for each day of the week in line with the business brand/ministry’s identity
* Carry out any web based services within the unit capabilities needed for the growth and profitability of the business/establishment/ministry.

Base on the dynamics of these services, my place of operation shall be my chosen place. I shall work from my own place of operation. OR. As desired and agreed upon by both parties

All jobs or services undertaken by me shall be delivered via appropriate medium especially the INTERNET.

My working duration will be 6 hours each day from Monday to Friday. Starting from 10am daily.

Monthly Service charge shall be N29,000 or as determined by both parties – subject to negotiation and agreement.Any other additional expenses like buying of bulk SMS units etc shall be catered for by the management.
I will be happy if this proposal is favourably considered and it can be amended as desired and to be agreed upon by both parties.You can visit for more about my competence, skills, abilities and services.
Expecting your response to this offer and proposal.

I want you to invite me to your program/meeting/establishment, for just 30minutes, I want to share something and open the eyes of Professionals, Employers of Labour, Head of Establishments, Unemployed Youths, Staff etc to:
1a. HOW TO TURN A SMARTPHONE TO A COMPUTER & how to apply it to their Job/Profession
1b. The need to store your vital documents and files in the cloud forever, for Present and Future use with no damage to the storage forever. Its a permanent storage that cannot be damaged.
2. The need to create for yourself a free subscription website which may not take up to 10minutes to complete.
3. The need to start using your smartphone for as many online programs as possible, that can generate money for you
4. The need to have an app for your product and services
5. The need to create an online form especially for registration, instead of a Paper Form
6. The need to have a live chat feature for your services. It will allow everyone especially your website visitors to communicate with you live 247
7. And lots more…

If you are inviting me, please bear it in mind that it is Free.
You only pay for my Transport (To & Fro) including Refreshments.
Note that, every participant will learn this as an additional bonus to the above:
1. How to install application that generate Airtime of any Network on their Smartphone for Free. You can share the airtime or use it for yourself.
2. How to install application that allows you to make Free Calls to anyone on their Smartphone for Free etcSome of my recent website jobs are: etc
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Akin Oladele

You can employ me for any ICT Services like Live Broadcast of Events/Programs to the world via the Internet, Development of a Mobile App for your product/services & Establishment, Bulk SMS, Permanent Storage, Live Chat, Online Form, Website, ICT/Computer/Typewriting Consultancy, ICT/Computer/Typewriting Teacher for your school or Establishment etcI have lots of ICT/Computer skills that can be of great benefit to your Ministry, School, Establishment, Institution, Products and Services.

Thanks as I expect your response soon.